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Family Portrait Photography Session – The Fourie family
on July 6, 2013  by Photopurity  has No Comment

Fourie Family portrait photography experience The Fourie family have recently been in for their second...

Family Portrait Session: The Lynn family
on June 6, 2013  by Photopurity  has No Comment

Family portrait sessions like this one are a pleasure to photograph.  Last weekend we had the lovely...

Newborn Lillie-Mai
on December 14, 2012  by Photopurity  has No Comment

Sometimes the newborns we get into the studio for a newborn photography that are not so newborn, Lillie-Mai...

Introducing……The Baby Collection
on October 4, 2012  by Photopurity  has No Comment

  Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting and emotional time.  A baby’s first...

Looking your best for your Newborn ‘Madonna’ portrait session
on August 22, 2012  by Photopurity  has No Comment

We have had quite a few mums with their newborn babies in the studio recently and like everyone else...

Beautiful newborn
on April 20, 2012  by Photopurity  has No Comment

These kind of newborn sessions at our Bicester studio are interesting, the kids always look so cute,...